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Who's Who?

The three members of Mr Sayer's Players are Margaret Taylor, Libby Thompson and Jeff Sayer. Margaret's keyboard playing creates the rhythmical foundation of the band's sound which is interwoven with the characterful melodic overtones of Libby's recorder and Jeff's violin.

Margaret Taylor

Margaret has over 20 years experience playing with various bands in the London area, and recently in the Midlands. She is also a keen dancer and is a member of the Wayfarers demonstration team.

Libby Thompson

Libby is a gifted recorder player with a love of music of the Regency period, playing both tenor and descant recorders. She has been playing the recorder since she was a child and is also a keen dancer.

Jeff Sayer

Jeff has played musical instruments since he was a boy. His main instrument in Mr Sayer's Players is the violin but he also plays the mandolin, when the tune or dance requires it. As well as playing in Mr Sayer's Players he plays in various other dance bands. He has published several volumes of dance tunes which he has composed. You can find more information on his tunes here.

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