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Rufty Tufty - English Traditional Folk Dance Band
English Traditional Folk Dance Band

Who's Who?

The three members of Rufty Tufty are Margaret Taylor, Charlotte Grumball and Jeff Sayer. Margaret's keyboard playing is the rhythmic foundation of the group and Charlotte's mandolin and Jeff's fiddle play the dance melodies on top. But there are other possibilities, as can be seen below.

Margaret Taylor

Margaret has over 20 years experience playing the recorder and keyboard with various bands in the London area, and recently in the Midlands. She is also a keen Milverton Dance Group member, enjoying the lively dances included in a barn dance romp, as well as the more elegant and complex dances performed by the Wayfarers demonstration team, to which she also belongs. She used to call regularly, 30-40 barn dances a year, and really loves introducing the fun of folk dancing to anyone willing to have a go.

Charlotte Grumball

Charlotte is a keen musician and dancer and as well as playing the mandolin she also plays the recorder. She also plays for the Alcester Folk Dance Club and occasionally plays with various other bands.

Jeff Sayer

Jeff was first introduced to English country dancing at school and has played musical instruments since he was a boy. His main instrument in Rufty Tufty is the fiddle but he also plays the mandolin, banjo or guitar when the tune or dance requires it. As well as playing in Rufty Tufty, he plays for the Alcester Folk Dance Club and plays with the Worcestershire Players Club, and occasionally plays with other dance bands. He has recently published a second volume of dance tunes which he has composed entitled 'Generous Measures 2'. You can find more information on his tunes here.


Some of the callers we work with are:

Keith Orchard

Keith, one of our regular callers, has a huge repertoire of dances, from easy dances for first timers to more complicated ones for dance club members. Over many years he has developed a style of calling which ensures that all, beginners and more experienced dancers, can join in with confidence. His instructions are clear, and he always explains what to do with good humour and patience. He is happy to include Scottish dances to give a Scottish flavour to the evening if required.

Des Thompson

Des, chairman of the Stonesfield Dance Club, is another of our callers. He loves to feel the elation and exhaustion which follow an evening of ceilidh dancing. His infectious enthusiasm gets everyone on their feet, and his quirky sense of fun puts dancers at their ease. He also has a large repertoire of dances, suitable for all occasions.